Editorial - Why Caribbean Intelligence?
Debbie Ransome
Caribbean Intelligence© is about a measured, analytical and reflective approach to the news. We're not seeking to break stories although, as journalists, that can happen too.
Our unique selling point is the pan-Caribbean "join the dots" journalism which many had come to expect from our previous editorial work. But this is pan-Caribbean and Diaspora journalism for a new era - for the digital and social platform users who stay in contact with one another via different media platforms.
 Top stories in each month's edition of Caribbean Intelligence deal with in-depth reporting on stories which impact across the Caribbean and in the Caribbean Diaspora. 
There'll be a regularly updated CI News Round-up which will provide news snippets from the Diaspora and the Caribbean.
And, because it's not always about breaking news, we recognise the need for the issues we all discuss when we turn off the news bulletins and put down our newspapers. In the What's the Buzz pages, there's room for your thoughts and reactions to the issues that affect you - from culture to sports, from food to fashion, we'll showcase what Caribbean people are saying on social media and what is being said about the Caribbean.
Each month our diaspora pages, called Caribbean Abroad, will reflect life for well-known Caribbean people living in the diaspora. For now, we're focusing on the main Diaspora hotspots of the UK and Europe, the US, and Canada. Click on the flags for more.
Also there'll be a regular diary - Trini in Europe - from award-winning journalist Natalie Williams about life in Europe both as a journalist and as the wife of a British diplomat.
Also in Caribbean Intelligence©, we're going to be encouraging new writing talent outlining aspects of Caribbean life in the region and the wider world.
The Young Writers Club will be inviting aspiring writers to showcase their talents.
We hope you like it. Let us know:caribbeanintelligence@gmail.com
 Welcome to your one-stop liming spot for things Caribbean.

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