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Events with a Caribbean flavour in the UK


From history to culture to fete, Caribbean Intelligence provides dates for your UK diary with a love of and a respect for the Caribbean in mind..... 



Three West Indian men at Tillbury Docks in the 1950s

Windrush: Songs in a strange land

1 June – 21 October : A free exhibition at the British Library.

The Entrance Hall, the British Library. This exhibition is free.


In photos: A snapshot of Brixton - Harry Jacobs and the Empire Windrush exhibition

1 June - 6 July: Photographic exhibition running at Lambeth Town Hall.


British Trade in Black Labour: The Windrush Middle Passage

15 June: Keynote lecture by Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Vice Chancellor of the UWI.

Taking place at the Knowledge Centre at the British Library. Tickets are available.


From Empire Windrush To The Commonwealth & Windrush Scandal (1948-2018)

15 June: History consultant Kwaku will address some of the generally held misconceptions surrounding the Empire Windrush’s voyage from the Caribbean to Britain in 1948. Venue and discussion details.


Rethinking Windrush: 70 years on

17 June: June 22nd marks the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the HMS Empire Windrush to the Port of Tilbury. Panel and discussion at Birkbeck University.


Windrush, Kitch!

17 June: Poet, musician & writer Anthony Joseph weaves (Lord Kitchener) life story into a lyrical narrative in his new novel, drawing on politics & people captured in Lord Kitchener calypsos. Taking place at Keats House, London – you’ll need to book.


Caribbean Comedy Week

Taking place at the British Library on 18 June, 19th June and 20 June. Tickets are available - click on the relevant date.


Make Music Day

21 June - Gospel and steelband focus on this free drop-in day at the British Library.


Caribbean focus at the British Library

There's more going on as the British Library hosts its Windrush exhibition. Click here for more comedy and cultural events.


Rum and Reggae Festival: Newcastle

23 June: Tickets available online.


Before Windrush: African and Caribbean people in Britain 1900 – 1948

2 July: Campaigning against colonial rule and the colour bar, fighting in two World Wars, establishing communities in towns and cities and shaping the economic and cultural life of the country: historian Hakim Adi discusses the history of African and Caribbean people in Britain before 1948.
The Knowledge Centre at the British Library.


Race Relations: an Act?

6 July: The impact of race relations legislation. A British Library panel discusses the four Race Relations Acts since 1965 alongside the impact of immigration legislation. Tickets available.


'Riots to Real Estate: A Look at the Housing and Economic Access since Windrush'

12 July: Part of the Windrush series organised by Black History Studies


Drums and Colours: the Early Works of Walcott

13 July: Burt Caesar directs the first ever UK presentation of Derek Walcott’s epic play, Drums and Colours, followed by a panel conversation exploring the early life of the St Lucian poet, led by Walcott specialist Maria Cristina Fumagalli.
Taking place at The Knowledge Centre at the British Library.


Rum and Reggae Festival: Edinburgh

21 July. Tickets online.

Rum and Reggae Festival: Leeds

28 July: Grab your tickets online.

Rum and Reggae Festival: Liverpool

18 August: Tickets available online.


A Far Cry from London: The Sound of the Caribbean Voice

3 September: BBC radio show Caribbean Voices (1943 to 1958) kick-started a new West Indian literary tradition in the UK. Radio producer Colin Grant shares the sounds of the show and celebrates the Caribbean voice with a night of poetry, audio, and discussions. Featuring Emily Zobel Marshal, Raymond Antrobus, Khadijah Ibrahiim, and Philip Nanton. The Knowledge Centre at the British Library.

London is the Place for Me

15 September: A weekend festival of Caribbean literature and liming: two days of vibrant performance, panels and events celebrating Caribbean culture.
Knowledge Centre, British Library.

Monsieur Seven Seas: A Tribute to Derek Walcott

21 September: Join poet and playwright Glyn Maxwell and fellow poets, friends, collaborators and former students of Derek Walcott to pay celebratory tribute. Expect readings and informal conversation.
The Knowledge Centre at the British Library.

Pop Story Gi Wi: A Celebration of Miss Lou

23 September: Storytellers Jan Blake and Amina Blackwood Meeks and poet Val Bloom share stories and poems inspired by the late Jamaican folklorist Louise Bennett Coverley (Miss Lou).
Knowledge Centre, British Library.

Translating Cultures: French Caribbean History, Literature and Migration

24 September: Immerse yourself in the rich history, heritage, literature and visual arts of the French Caribbean and its diaspora in this study day.
Knowledge Centre, British Library.


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