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Raymond Edwards
The Trinidadian singer, broadcaster and promoter of things Trini, Raymond Edwards, has launched a weekly radio programme to showcase Trinidadian music, food and love of life. Caribbean Intelligence is now in partnership with Saturdays with Ray and we'll be sharing his programme and his blog each week.
We hope it will become a welcome backdrop to your weekend online browsing.
This week's programme is called Meet the Giants.
Here's Ray's blog on his interviewees:

Giants come in all shapes and forms and in this episode of Saturdays with Ray, we introduce you to three of them.


Leon Morenzie A man who helped Oscar winner Don Cheadle nail that African accent in Hotel Rwanda is the first of these three giants.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Morenzie, a gifted actor and storyteller, with a beautiful baritone/ bass timbre to his voice, has rubbed shoulders with the likes of James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman. But it is his ability to grasp the nuances of accents and teach others how to effectively deliver their lines in character, from start to finish, that makes him much sought after.

During our hour long lime, Morenzie shared memories of working with some of the local theatre greats, like the late Errol Jones, Sullivan Walker, and Jeffrey Holder. He then filled our studios with the sweet sounds of vintage kaiso.


Debbie Ransome The boss lady, as she is fondly called by some former BBC colleagues, cut her journalistic teeth at the revered Trinidad Broadcasting Company in the 1980s under the close watch of some of the veterans in the Trinidad broadcasting business such as Jones P Madeira and Vernon Downes.

For many in the Caribbean  and the wider diaspora, Debbie and her team at the now-defunct BBC Caribbean Service provided a vital link to the big news items from the region. For many a newsroom, their absence has left a gaping hole in the depth of regional news coverage that was available up to that time.


Mavis John

Mavis John is a generous, beautiful person who sees music as part of her mission to educate and guide. Mavis shared with us the journey of her career and gave some superb advice for others who want a career in music.


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