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The pandemic gives the Caribbean and chance to revamp its tourism offer.

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How the Windrush scandal developed, how the Caribbean responded.

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cruise ship
The Caribbean is already finding ways to use pandemic lessons to re-invent its tourism industry.
presenters on Notting Hill Carnival digital street
Debbie Ransome enjoys the virtual carnivals at Notting Hill, Leeds and a soca show from Trinidad.
China flag
China, the US, global alliances and how this affects the Caribbean.
Mia Mottley
How Barbados introduced a remote working initiative which got the thumbs up across the global media.
HMS Windrush
A panel session looks at how some Caribbean people found themselves criminalised by Britain's hostile environment.
What's the buzz
Bounty Killer and Beenie Man
Across the Caribbean, music has become a key way to beat the COVID blues, says Debbie Ransome.
'Our hearts go out to the world' message in the sand
From messages in the sand to rum-inspired hand sanitisers, how the Caribbean has found clever ways to cope with COVID-19.
Floella Bejamin
Take time off from the virus and economic bad news in the world and enjoy a good week for the Caribbean's Diaspora in the UK.
When less is more: The Caribbean and authentic tourism.
Rudolph Walker
British-Trinidadian actor Rudolph Walker talks about his 56 years on British television.