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devastation in BVI and Fats Domino

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tourist bike in Cuba
Caribbean Council consultant David Jessop assesses the winners and losers of President Trump's planned changes to ties with Cuba.
Dominica Commonwealth Secretariat picture
Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland talks to Caribbean Intelligence about climate change, COP23 and the Caribbean.
2017 has seen some major moves towards legalising the use of small amounts of marijuana across the Caribbean.
a forklift truck in Dominica
'Build back better' has become the Caribbean and global mantra after the 2017 hurricane season. But it will be a costly and difficult path.
Barbados flag
From agriculture to digital laws, Barbados has been putting in place some long-term infrastructural work, as Caribbean Intelligence has been finding out.
What's the buzz
Bournemouth beach
Tell us your Caribbean Holiday Heroes - the best places to visit whether you're from the Caribbean or in its Diaspora.
Baroness Amos
What’s making the Caribbean and its Diaspora happy this Christmas season? Caribbean Intelligence has been finding out.  
record on player
Landmark releases that should be on every reggae fan’s shopping list as Black Friday and Christmas approach.
Jamaican CDs
The late Fats Domino is credited with inspiring what became ska. The facts behind Jamaica's music timeline.
men helping in the BVI
Looking at the more unusual forms of aid and support for hurricane-hit Caribbean territories.